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Welcome to eeForums, where electronics engineers ask questions, discuss solutions and debate new technologies with their peers. Participate now with the engineering community to help define tomorrow's products and the future of Asia's electronics industry.
  Tech Talk   •  Technical discussions on electronics design, test & manufacturing
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Add your voice to discussion on signal processing and conditioning.
• Intersil ordered to pay $58.8M in ...
  By jsolana  at  09:44 PM, 09/03/15  
32 29
Protocols, wireless and wired networks--all about communications technologies.
• Frequency band allocation in wirel ...
  By gsandeep  at  02:04 AM, 31/12/11
• mimoOn, TI partner for LTE solutio ...
  By amts  at  02:35 AM, 31/12/11  
90 37
Find solutions to IC/board design challenges & discuss EDA tool use.

• Infineon supplies eSE chip th for ...
  By jsolana  at  08:23 PM, 04/03/15  
32 17
Embedded Systems
Share your problems & expertise in embedded systems development.

• Hi... I am looking for embedded En ...
  By Shilpa  at  05:19 PM, 16/04/16
• Embedded linux
  By MR  at  05:11 PM, 16/04/16  
65 32
Power Up
Talk and learn about the latest conversion, regulation & power management techniques.

• Mouser rolls solar tech website
  By lbelen  at  11:54 AM, 07/08/15
• Online multiplayer game is NTU's n ...
  By jsolana  at  08:42 PM, 24/03/15  
31 13
Production Floor
Discuss manufacturing technology, assembly/packaging and test.

• Here's a cooler and faster way to ...
  By jsolana  at  09:26 PM, 20/03/15  
39 12


  Talk Shop   •  Discuss market and technology trends
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Asia Trends
Discuss electronics design and business trends in Asia.
• Public urinators beware: It's 'pee ...
  By jsolana  at  10:02 PM, 13/03/15  
104 78
Emerging markets
All about new geographical markets and growing engineering opportunities.
• NASA to send humans to an asteroid
  By spadilla  at  11:35 AM, 11/07/14  
44 59
Article Comments
Discuss news, features and technical papers published on EE Times-Asia.
• Software PID control of an inverte ...
  By Visitor  at  03:32 PM, 12/06/16
• IQWizard - IQ signal measurement a ...
  By ytsobd  at  07:56 PM, 03/06/16  
2,080 2,287


  Career Path   •  Get connected to fast track your career
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Continue Education
Talk about educational courses for experienced engineers.
• IES awards first batch of RE bridg ...
  By jsolana  at  10:17 PM, 01/09/15  
8 0
Jobs Wanted
Seek and post full-time jobs and freelance projects.
• Staff Product Engineer job vacancy ...
  By Toni  at  02:16 PM, 13/05/16  
113 3
  eeUniversity   •  An education network of students, working engineers & academics
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Engineering Projects
Generate ideas, seek solutions on college projects.
• Vigek Iot Core - First opensource ...
  By sunsj  at  11:43 AM, 24/03/16  
4 0
Student Counseling
Seek or give advice on career planning and employment opportunities for students.
• Student Projects
  By NSK8700  at  02:21 AM, 31/12/11  
1 1
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