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A piece of cloud on your side table
Posted:30/06/2015,06:30:07 PM by eeLife
Max has already extolled the apparent virtues of Amazon's Echo appliance, but as I mentioned to him, this thing is a serious threat to luddites everywhere. Yes, if you're already used to saying "Siri..." or "ok google now..", "Alexa" seems like yet another voi......
Brit creates bodacious 16-Bit mega-processor
Posted:30/06/2015,06:22:12 PM by Clive Maxfield
Well, it seems that there are ripples in the force, as it were, because lately I have been inundated with friends pointing me to this BBC article and this column in The Register ("Biting the hand that feeds IT"). These pieces tell the tale of one James Newman, who is building a computer ......
How much does free software cost?
Posted:29/06/2015,05:37:47 PM by eeLife
So what's the problem with “free” as in “free beer”? I'm a sucker for “buy one, get one free” offers. There are a variety of costs, sometimes hidden, in free (as in beer) software.   Free (as in beer) software makes it difficult to recover the co....
Have you heard of the Amazon Echo?
Posted:29/06/2015,04:09:37 PM by Clive Maxfield
A couple of months ago, I was looking for suggestions for a target for a teardown session. EETimes community member Mark Rackin emailed me to say that he'd just returned from visiting with his son and daughter-in-law where he'd seen something called an Amazon Echo.   Mark further sa....
Yes, you should be concerned about testing
Posted:25/06/2015,09:53:20 PM by Jack Ganssle
Bruno Soko’s recent article “Software development: Automated vs manual testing” is worth a read. In it he lays out the tradeoffs between the two approaches.   Personally, I think that for most products we should automate as much testing as possible. The old adage still ho....
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Latest article: Brit creates bodacious 16-Bit mega-processor
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Latest article: LED luminaire design change may hurt repairability
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