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Welcome to the eeBlog, where senior executives driving forward the electronics industry share their perspective on market trends, technologies, policies and anything else they feel strongly about.

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My own BADASS display (Part 3)
Posted:23/04/2014,06:36:09 PM by Clive Maxfield
Well, it seems my Bodacious Acoustic Diagnostic Astoundingly Superior Spectromatic (BADASS)  is attracting some interest, possibly based on the YouTube videos I've presented of similar items. (See My own BADASS display (Part 1) and My own BADASS display (Part 2)) Now all we have to do is ....
The "anything machine" is here again
Posted:23/04/2014,06:30:05 PM by Bernard Cole
The traditional desktop PC of the 1980s and 1990s was built around a standard bus architecture - first IBM's PC ATbus and then Intel's Periperial Compoent Interconnect (PCI). As a result of this strong feature, even in the average consumer's hands, it was an "anything machine.&quo......
Inamorata prognostication engine design (Part 3)
Posted:22/04/2014,01:50:21 PM by Clive Maxfield
I am amazed at how things are racing along with regard to my Pedagogical and Phantasmagorical Inamorata Prognostication Engine. Now, before we leap into the fray, let's first make sure we're all tap-dancing to the same drum beat: Pedagogical  =  Educational Phantasma....
My own BADASS display (Part 2)
Posted:17/04/2014,10:58:38 AM by Clive Maxfield
One thing I noticed as I meandered my way around the EE Live! 2014 exhibition floor was the fact that there were flashing LED displays all over the place. In particular, EETimes Community Editor Caleb Craft had created a very tasty "Applause-O-Meter" display for us to judge the winner in......
ARM shifts to open source LLVM compiler
Posted:15/04/2014,06:15:39 PM by Bernard Cole
ARM Ltd has recently made the move in its tool chain to the use of the open source—but misnamed—Low Level Virtual Machine compiler (LLVM) and its C-language Clang front end. This came 10 years after Apple moved to its use—and hired one of the programmers behind its creation. It....
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Latest article: Is continuity really easy to check?
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