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Meetings will persist until morale improves
Posted:28/08/2015,10:09:15 PM by eeLife
A snippet in the life of a cubicle rat.....   Ask any engineer about the biggest time-wasters at work, and odds are meetings will be near the top of his or her list.   Engineers are hardly alone – their feeling are widely shared across the broader workforce. Among the reasons .....
Lack of cyber security
Posted:28/08/2015,09:54:48 PM by Clive Maxfield
We are definitely living in interesting times. Over the years I've read a lot of science fiction stories that depicted various flavors of the future, many of which involved the concept of cyber security and nefarious strangers trying to access one's data.     Generally spea....
Inexpensive DDS signal generator
Posted:28/08/2015,07:46:50 PM by Jack Ganssle
eBay is a treasure chest of test equipment. It’s astonishing the deals one can get on used equipment. Need an oscilloscope? If you can live with yesterday’s technology there are lots of excellent Tek, Agilent and HP versions there for surprisingly low prices.   Vendors offer ple....
The union of AC line and CFL/LED lamp
Posted:21/08/2015,06:29:23 PM by Bill Schweber
It’s well known that the performance and life of the traditional incandescent bulb performance are very sensitive and highly nonlinear in response to the nominal value of the AC line. Years of data on countless bulbs, plus some analytical work, has shown that for a supply voltage V near the ....
Examining requrirements defects
Posted:14/08/2015,07:51:23 PM by Jack Ganssle
Capers Jones is one of the most prolific software researchers around. He has a vast collection of metrics from many thousands of real-world projects. His book The Economics of Software Quality is rather dry but full of fun facts. He’s careful to point out that the data has huge standard devi....
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Latest article: Lack of cyber security
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Latest article: The union of AC line and CFL/LED lamp
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