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Exploring Upverter Parts Concierge
Posted:08/10/2015,05:57:10 PM by Clive Maxfield
I was just chatting with Zak Homuth, CEO and Co­Founder at It seems that the little rascals at Upverter have just launched something they call the Upverter Parts Concierge, which is best visualized as a virtual assistant for engineers.   So what is Upverter Parts Conci....
On ethics and VW
Posted:07/10/2015,05:56:56 PM by Jack Ganssle
It isn’t often that firmware makes the news, but recently VW admitted that, in some of their cars, the engine control firmware detects when an emissions check is being done and then changes parameters to reduce pollution. That also cripples performance, so as soon as the test is done the car....
Platform-independent way to generate CAD models
Posted:02/10/2015,06:21:47 PM by Bernard Cole
Pity the poor hardware developer faced with taking a printed circuit board design to completion in an environment in which there are more than 25 million components. Even after picking the microcontroller and peripheral devices and building a hardwired prototype, there are still numerous challenge....
Converter transformation shows dramatic advances
Posted:02/10/2015,05:59:06 PM by Bill Schweber
We are aware that switching power supplies (converters), whether AC/DC or DC/DC, are almost always more efficient than linear versions. We also know that the weight and size difference is also dramatic, as well as much more tangible and immediately apparent. But sometimes, you have to see the two ....
Dark days before the dawn of the TV remote control
Posted:27/09/2015,01:22:04 PM by Clive Maxfield
I was chatting to Daniel Guidera the other day. Daniel is the graphic artist who works with EE Times.   During our conversation, Daniel informed me that he's a member of a gaggle of graphic artists who search out, share, and discuss the graphical nuances of old adverts (hey, everyone is....
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Latest article: Exploring Upverter Parts Concierge
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Latest article: Converter transformation shows dramatic advances
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Latest article: Yao Ming of jitter
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