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Marketing claims and their real-world translations
Posted:29/08/2014,04:15:53 PM by Clive Maxfield
My chum David Ashton in Australia just sent me an email. He was sharing a joke he'd received from someone at Microchip.     The gist of this email is to take the sorts of claims you see in marketing materials and provide the real-world translations. The examples David provided a....
How I zap things with ESD
Posted:26/08/2014,05:46:42 PM by Clive Maxfield
Question: Before we leap into this blog with gusto and wild abandon, I have a poser for you to ponder. Suppose you are working on hobby electronics projects on your kitchen table and you've invested in an ESD (electrostatic discharge) wristband as shown below. To what should you attach the cro....
Check this out: Really annoying music suppressors
Posted:21/08/2014,04:08:09 PM by Clive Maxfield
Hmmm, it appears that the title of this column has the potential to be a tad confusing. I'm not talking about music suppressors that are really annoying -- I'm more concerned with finding something that can help me suppress really annoying music. Let me elucidate (don't try this at hom....
How secure is the IoT?
Posted:20/08/2014,06:53:27 PM by Bernard Cole
HP Security Research has just released a report on the state of security on the many wireless sensor, machine-to-machine networks that make up the Internet of Things. It should be taken seriously by any embedded developer looking to take advantage of the explosive growth in this market segment. &....
Device stacking
Posted:20/08/2014,06:33:57 PM by eeInvestigation...
Do you still remember the Heathkit "Stackables"? These were presented with a blue plastic box and a white front panel in build-it-yourself kit form.   As I recall, the Ix-528x series included a multimeter, RF signal generator, audio signal generator, signal tracer, RLC bridge, and......
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Latest article: Marketing claims and their real-world translations
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Latest article: How secure is the IoT?
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Latest article: Is continuity really easy to check?
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