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Welcome to the eeBlog, where senior executives driving forward the electronics industry share their perspective on market trends, technologies, policies and anything else they feel strongly about.

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Bid goodbye to fundamental kilogram and ampere
Posted:18/09/2014,06:03:02 PM by Bill Schweber
Our vital standards are not going to vanish, don't worry. However, they are changing radically. A fascinating article in the July 2014 issue of Physics Today reviews the history of the definition of our basic units -- metre, kilogram, second -- and how these definitions have evolved as part of....
The perils of software/hardware homogeneity
Posted:18/09/2014,05:39:58 PM by Bernard Cole
At last, there is someone--several someones, in fact--as concerned as I have been about the security dangers of the computer industry's increasing reliance on common development tools, hardware architectures, software building blocks, and operating systems. And they have done something about i....
Boost electronic enterprises with Edison bulbs
Posted:17/09/2014,06:23:21 PM by Clive Maxfield
Originally, I have been focused on using vacuum tubes augmented with tri-colored LEDs to enhance the look and feel of my hobby projects. However, I may have to take a look at those reproductions of vintage-style light bulbs known as Edison Bulbs. You can see all sorts of these little beauties by p....
EEs and the pseudoscience grounding trend
Posted:17/09/2014,06:11:07 PM by Bill Schweber
Electrical engineers are once again at the leading edge of a trend they didn't even know they were leading; and, once again, the outside world doesn't appreciate or acknowledge the EE's role.   According to a very skeptical article in The Wall Street Journal, "Products Aim......
Chronicles of test capacity management (Part 3)
Posted:16/09/2014,04:50:03 PM by eeLife
Picking up where I left off in these test capacity management chronicles, I am reminded of a season of significant growth in semiconductor test outsourcing followed by a tightening of test capacity management strategies after the dot-com bubble had burst. Still at Teradyne during that time, I prim....
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Latest article: Boost electronic enterprises with Edison bulbs
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Latest article: Is continuity really easy to check?
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