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Welcome to the eeBlog, where senior executives driving forward the electronics industry share their perspective on market trends, technologies, policies and anything else they feel strongly about.

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The technologies behind sailboats
Posted:30/03/2015,08:32:25 PM by Jack Ganssle
I’m fascinated with the history of technology. According to Wikipedia, Homo sapiens emerged 500,000 years ago, and for half a million years pretty much nothing changed. Agriculture showed up 2% of those years ago; moveable type 0.1%, and electronics has been around for just 0.02% of the....
BADASS Display: It has now come to life!
Posted:30/03/2015,07:57:16 PM by Clive Maxfield
Do you want to see a really cool video -- one in which something works first time? Well in that case it's "Happy Dance" time because I'll show you one in just a moment, but first let me set the scene...   First of all, I would like to introduce the Simblee, which encompass......
Examining an energy monitor
Posted:27/03/2015,02:42:28 PM by Jack Ganssle
Many know about EEMBC’s CoreMark, a suite of programs used to compare processor horsepower. Traditional benchmarks don’t do well in evaluating processors running embedded workloads.   They’ve recently added the ULPBench, which is a program that exercises processors t....
Grasping the maker ethos
Posted:27/03/2015,01:34:57 PM by eeLife
It has been said that humanity can be divided into two basic personality types --  the Apollonian, whose existential statement is “I think, therefore I am” and the Dionysian, who says “I feel, therefore I am.” This, of course, is simplistic – there are many other....
Is it alright experiment on family members?
Posted:26/03/2015,08:00:17 PM by Clive Maxfield
I've recently started to consider whether or not it would be right and proper for me to perform an experiment on a member of my family.     The modern world in the form of today's telecommunications systems couldn’t have come at a better time for my wife (Gina the Gorg....
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Latest article: LED luminaire design change may hurt repairability
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