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Your heartbeat enables wireless device access
Posted:24/11/2014,06:56:59 PM by By Design
A Canadian company has put a new spin on the biometric identification technology by using people’s heartbeats to allow them to wirelessly access their devices -- including their smartphone, computer, car, or even their home.   Bionym, founded in 2011 as a spinoff of the University of ....
Understanding QA's role
Posted:24/11/2014,06:26:46 PM by Jack Ganssle
“The Quality Assurance team is there to test the system and generate a list of bugs. Developers then fix those, and, after passing QA’s tests, the product ships.” Not. First, in manufacturing QA is not quality control. QA is about defining the processes used, raw material fitn....
Dancing merrily around a volcano
Posted:23/11/2014,09:36:54 PM by Clive Maxfield
When I was a young boy -- say around six years old circa 1963 -- my mom and dad and I would go to the seaside for a week in the summer every year. We were accompanied by my Uncle Eric ("Bing"), my Auntie Joyce, and my cousin Anna, who was (and still is) a year older than yours truly. &n......
Head-to-head: $400 headphones and $25 Earmuffs
Posted:23/11/2014,09:22:36 PM by By Design
Do you remember my blog from a couple of months ago, Check this out: Really annoying music suppressors, about my desire to find some effective way of preserving my sanity whilst driving in the car with my wife, Gina the Gorgeous, who is partial to Christian rock and who likes her music on the loud....
Implementing boot test for flash usability
Posted:14/11/2014,08:53:27 PM by eeInvestigation...
Non-volatile flash memory (NVMe) has been utilised to increase the performance of high-end servers for years, notably pioneered by Fusion IO. Today, NVMe is becoming the preferred technology for flash storage and the all-flash datacenter. As NVMe adoption increases, other elements of usability wil....
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Latest article: Dancing merrily around a volcano
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Latest article: Battery tech progress: An assessment
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