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Coding tips for LED ring lighting effects
Posted:03/11/2015,05:57:53 PM by Clive Maxfield
Before we begin, I should remind you that I am a hardware design engineer by trade -- I am in no way a paid-up member of the software cognoscenti -- so when it comes to creating code, I'm largely reduced to making things up as I go along.   Of course, this sometimes ends up with my fee....
Tinkering with the ethics knob
Posted:30/10/2015,09:43:56 PM by eeInvestigation...
What a controversial word is “ethics,” with its explosive potential lending itself to varying interpretations. It’s like the word, “obscenity.” Everyone knows what it is, but how do you define it? —Frank Lebell, The Manufacturers’ Representative   .....
Check out this arbitrary waveform generator
Posted:30/10/2015,09:37:47 PM by Jack Ganssle
My dad grew up during the depression and was in the Navy in the tail end of WWII. He had little use for Japanese products, and to this day sniffs at anything from China. If it’s not made in America he’s not interested in the product, and anything from China is, in his opinion, junk. &....
Do you want an application-specific RTOS now?
Posted:30/10/2015,09:17:47 PM by Clive Maxfield
An RTOS Smackdown hosted and moderated by yours truly was a fun event comprising a series of five-minute presentations followed by a question and answer session.   We started with one industry expert explaining why one should never use an RTOS, followed by a second expert describing why one....
Basic product, but subtle troubleshooting
Posted:30/10/2015,09:12:42 PM by Bill Schweber
Debugging and troubleshooting are major parts of the engineer's world. I've always regarded them as the most difficult of engineering challenges because it takes a combination of factors: technical expertise, experience and practice, lessons learned from mistakes, ability to think in both ....
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Latest article: Coding tips for LED ring lighting effects
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Latest article: Basic product, but subtle troubleshooting
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Latest article: Tinkering with the ethics knob
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