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Developing artworks for analogue meter
Posted:18/12/2014,08:57:50 PM by eeInvestigation...
In the recent months, I've been working with Max Maxfield on the analog meter problems and design challenges pertaining to his Inamorata Prognostication Engine, Ultra-Macho Prognostication Engine, and Vetinari Clock projects.   As you may have read in his columns, Max and I have been in....
How to dispose of those old batteries
Posted:18/12/2014,08:44:18 PM by Clive Maxfield
When I returned home from work a few nights ago, I discovered my wife (Gina The Gorgeous) happily working on our Christmas decorations. As part of this extravaganza, Gina was activating some battery-powered garlands festooned with LEDs that she was planning on draping around our front door (well, ....
Inspections before the test
Posted:18/12/2014,08:38:35 PM by Jack Ganssle
One of the most powerful tools to enhance the quality of firmware is the code inspection. They also speed development. A lot of data supports the latter statement; for example, in A Survey of Software Inspection Technologies by Oliver Laitenberger, the author shows that Jet Propulsion Laboratory&r....
Yummy antique analogue meter faceplates
Posted:15/12/2014,07:04:17 PM by Clive Maxfield
I've been meaning to bring everyone up to date as to the current state of play with regard to my various hobby projects, but so much is going on that I never seem to find the time.   For example, I spent a large part of this past weekend working on my BADASS Display. Even though the fro....
Why can't we completely eliminate bugs?
Posted:10/12/2014,07:16:57 PM by By Design
I recently had an experience with two awesomely beautiful designs. To my disappointment, I also encountered some bugs, which caused me to wish that formal verification tools had been used as part of the development process.   The Apple of my eye Last month, I persuaded my family to abandon ....
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There is so much amazingly cool "stuff" to see and do that I'm amazed I find the time to get any real work done. In Max's Cool Beans, I waffle on about books, projects, and the weird and wonderful websites I blunder across.
Latest article: How to dispose of those old batteries
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In Break Points, Jack Ganssle explores the agony and ecstasy of developing embedded systems.
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Bill Schweber writes about analogue design trends and their impact on the industry, and gives us his expert insight—which is highly personal, informative and often entertaining—on the role that analogue plays in our largely digital world.
Latest article: Battery tech progress: An assessment
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