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Welcome to the eeBlog, where senior executives driving forward the electronics industry share their perspective on market trends, technologies, policies and anything else they feel strongly about.

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Exploring Logic Pro USB logic analyser/scope
Posted:29/01/2015,08:45:44 PM by Jack Ganssle
Saleae is a small instrument company based out of San Francisco, United States. It is comprised of bright young folks who make me wistfully think over the decades since my friends and I were the young bucks. It is inspiring to see a new generation inventing complex electronic products. A couple ....
Making your system cyber-secure
Posted:29/01/2015,08:02:24 PM by Clive Maxfield
Until recently, I was under the impression that my computer system in general -- and my precious data in particular -- was reasonably secure against the forces of evil, but then my eyes were opened to the grim and grizzly truth.   As you may recall, a little over a month ago, my main wo....
A look at the many names of IoT
Posted:22/01/2015,07:08:43 PM by Bernard Cole
Every time I reflect on the ubiquitously connected environment in which all of us and our ‘things’ now exist -- and the names we use to describe it -- I am reminded of a classic short story by science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke: "The nine billion names of God."   ......
A glimpse backwards
Posted:22/01/2015,06:18:19 PM by Jack Ganssle
An editor from another publication reached out to me for a prediction for this industry in 2015. What crazy, unexpected thing will happen?   I have no idea. We do know there will be more. For less. More transistors, more functionality, more complex software and more design headaches. Engin....
Yao Ming of jitter
Posted:21/01/2015,07:07:05 PM by eeInvestigation...
All data streams experience jitter, some of which is statistically random, meaning that we must characterize it with statistics. In jitter analysis, random jitter (RJ) is often described as having a Gaussian distribution.   RJ is typically quantified as an rms value equal to σ of the....
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Latest article: Making your system cyber-secure
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Latest article: Exploring Logic Pro USB logic analyser/scope
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Latest article: A look at the many names of IoT
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Latest article: A simple measurement conundrum
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