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What's your take on knobs?
Posted:12/02/2016,05:58:02 PM by Jack Ganssle
In a recent Embedded Muse Richard Wall reviews the latest version of Digilent’s Analog Discovery USB-connected scope. He really likes the user interface.   I’ve never met a customer of Salea’s Logic series of USB logic analyzers who didn’t wax poetic about the tools....
Doing firmware upgrade
Posted:05/02/2016,07:12:41 PM by Jack Ganssle
Jakob Engblom shared an intriguing thought:   One thing that seems to be happening today with the whole “IoT” move and ubiquity of cellular communications (at least in the rich world) is that “in the field SW upgrade” is becoming easier and easier to do.  Syst....
Computer-controlled 3D carving machines
Posted:05/02/2016,07:03:58 PM by Clive Maxfield
I am a weak-willed man and I cannot help myself. I tried to stop, but I failed miserably. I used every argument my conscious brain I could think of, but all to no avail. In the end, I succumbed to the promises of delectation and delight my unconscious brain was whispering seductively in my ear, an....
Time machine vs time portal
Posted:22/01/2016,06:25:42 PM by Clive Maxfield
One of the artifacts I've long been planning on featuring in my Caveman Diorama is an H.G. Wells-esque Time Machine (see also Caveman Floodlights).   Over the past few months, I've spent a lot of time trying to work out how to create this model. In fact, I recently invested is a....
Cortex M4F MCU
Posted:21/01/2016,06:42:41 PM by Jack Ganssle
I earlier wrote about Ambiq’s new Cortex M4F MCU, which is made using transistors operating in the subthreshold region. Cortex licensees can add ARM’s optional memory protection unit (MPU), and indeed Ambiq chose to do so. In that piece I glibly wondered why they bothered.   Oo....
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Latest article: Computer-controlled 3D carving machines
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Latest article: Basic product, but subtle troubleshooting
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