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There is so much amazingly cool "stuff" to see and do that I'm amazed I find the time to get any real work done. In my blog I will waffle on about the books I'm reading, the projects I'm building, and the weird and wonderful websites I blunder across. Please Email Me if you see anything you think will "tickle my fancy."
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Posted: 07:14:41 PM, 30/01/2014

Watch this video: People are awesome


I was just talking with Mike Phipps over at Micriµm about all sorts of stuff I can't talk about here. Fortunately, that's not what I wanted to talk about here. Before we proceed, I did notice Phipps has a really cool image as part of his email signature.


I love the "Quality that's out of this world" tagline. It must be amazing to have anything to do with a mission like the Mars Rover. But that also isn't what I wanted to talk about. While we were chatting, Phipps pointed me to an amazing People are Awesome video over on YouTube.

All I can say is OMG. There are so many amazing clips here that it's hard to choose among them, but the sequence commencing around the 4:48 mark really caught my eye. I would love to try doing that. How about you? What's your favourite? (Don't forget to include the time in the video, so we can all find it easily.)


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